Old petrol bowser and enamel sign transport by dougs freight

Garagenalia Transport

Doug’s Freight specialises in moving and backloading all collectable garagenalia, petrol bowsers, enamel and screen print signs, highboys, oil racks, tins, oil bottles and light boxes.


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Where do we go

Doug’s Freight has a dedicated monthly backload service route which covers 10,000 km and takes two weeks to complete. The route starts from Adelaide and goes to Melbourne then onto Bendigo, also Albury and onto Yass. From Yass we travel South to Canberra, then onto Sydney and north to Newcastle.

Leaving Newcastle, we head west to Tamworth then north up the New England Highway to Toowoomba. After Toowoomba, the route travels east to Ipswich then on to Brisbane and north to Gympie.

When leaving Gympie, the route takes us south all the way down the New South Wales coast to Sydney and Woolongong, including all coastal towns such as Yamba, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Kempsey and Taree.

After Sydney, it’s back to Goulburn then on to Canberra including Queenbeyan, returning back to Yass on route for Bendigo then onto Melbourne.

When leaving Melbourne, on the tail end of the run we service all towns on the Western Highway back to Adelaide.

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Antique Transport

Doug’s Freight has been involved in the antique retail industry for over 20 years. We are very experienced in the safe transport of antique furniture, so you can be confident that your antiques and other fragile items will be transported with the utmost care. This includes wrapping all antiques in quality furniture pads for safe transit to and from Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, or Sydney, and all points in between.

For collectors and antique buyers who need transport, we provide a complete solution with interstate backloading services.

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Buying on Ebay or Gumtree

If you are purchasing a single item of furniture from eBay or Gumtree and you are wondering how you will get it delivered, Doug’s Freight/Backloading specialist is your answer. We specialise in transport for Gumtree and eBay purchases, which includes single item transport.  

For furniture or other small move items, we liaise with the seller, pick the item up, wrap it in quality furniture pads, and transport it door to door. You will get a call 12 to 24 hours prior to delivery.

Doug’s Freight has an excellent track record with moving Gumtree and eBay purchases, so we suggest doing your homework to make sure that you don’t end up being disappointed with your eBay or Gumtree item transport.

Doug’s Freight is the preferred eBay interstate courier and Gumtree interstate courier for customers throughout the east coast of Australia.

Selling on Ebay or Gumtree

If you are an eBay or Gumtree seller, we can help you to get more interstate sales. Give us a ring and ask how.

As an eBay or Gumtree seller, your reputation is everything. Don’t let a few bad transport decisions result in a dramatic sales drop. For best results in eBay and Gumtree sales transport, give Doug’s Freight and Backloading Specialists a call!

Doug’s Freight specialises in interstate transport. This includes a backload service for single items or a few items – so we offer a solution for your eBay or Gumtree transport needs.

Can you afford not to give Dougs Freight/ Backloading Specialists a call!

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Interstate Furniture Purchase or Interstate Single Item Removals

Have you ever bought a single item or a piece of furniture from interstate and wondered how you are going to get it home?

Your problem is solved with Doug’s Freight single item removals. Many consumers just don’t know where to find a company that meets their needs for single item furniture transport.

As consumers, we need to consider the transport options before we purchase furniture interstate.

Doug’s Freight is the answer to this logistical nightmare. We pick up and deliver on time, door to door without any depots. We will send an email confirmation with the exact pickup and delivery dates – and we pride ourselves on being on time every time.

Our integrated system works like clockwork. Scheduled arrival times are allocated 12 to 24 hours prior to pickup and delivery, via phone call or text message.

See our testimonials for your peace of mind.

The backloading specialists at Doug’s Freight are the logistical answer to getting your online purchase home with a door to door service for all single item removals.

If you are a furniture importer and selling your merchandise online, including selling single items to multiple buyers, we can provide single item furniture transport solution to help your business grow.

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