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Are you looking for a single item or multiple item Backloading Specialist?

Here are some areas that we specialise:

Ebay purchase transport with home delivery

Gumtree Purchase transport with home delivery

Small loads backload with home delivery

Backloading services with home delivery

Student move with home delivery

Family heir loom transport with home delivery

Internet purchase backload with home delivery

Old petrol bowsers & sign transport with home delivery

Antique furniture transport with home delivery

Fragile & sensitive goods transport with home delivery

Collectables items transport with home delivery

Motorbike transport with home delivery

Car parts transport with home delivery

Third party pallet transport, business to business or depot delivery


Small Move Transport

Doug’s Freight is a furniture transport small removal specialist in backload transport for online sales items. If you have purchased furniture or other items interstate, we offer you the best backload service transport solution.

Doug’s Freight transports single items and small moves up to five cubic meters. This includes anything that you would find in the average home – antiques, collectables, garagenalia and vintage furniture.


Consistent Regular Route

We are committed to delivering a monthly backload service providing furniture transport or collectors interstate freight transit – from Adelaide to Melbourne to Canberra to Sydney to Tamworth to Toowoomba to Brisbane to Gympie and return, including most towns and locations along this route, including Bendigo and Shepparton.


Competitive Rates

Doug’s Freight backload transport service is door to door, without using depots, so there’s no double or triple handling of any of your goods in transit. Our pricing is based solely on the space used and distance traveled.

Our rates are extremely competitive compared to most other backload services due to being a small  family-owned business and being able to carry up to 100 cubic meters at any time.


Doug’s Antiques

In addition to Doug’s Freight, we also our online antiques business called Doug’s Antiques. This is where this transport business evolved from – to keep the transport industry honest!

Keep up to date with schedules and planning along with business info on Facebook.

As a long-time antique dealer, our expertise in this industry means that we are experts in moving fragile and delicate items. That’s why we are many people rely on us for their collectors, antique and fragile item transport.


Choose your Mover Carefully

Most furniture removalists and interstate transporters don’t know how to care for unreplaceable and rare items properly while in transit and during the delivery process. Damage to these types of items occurs mainly due to inexperience.

Our service is truly “Old School”, so what you get for your money is a backload service to transport your precious goods with 100% care. If you are moving one piece of furniture interstate and need a fragile transport service, we have a solution for safe and secure one item move or small move.

Set Schedule

We have a backload service schedule that runs in advance with prompt pickup and delivery dates. You get a phone call the evening before pickup and delivery with an estimated time of arrival along with a phone number to contact the driver directly while your goods are in transit.

All emails and missed calls are answered as soon as possible, so you will always be up to date if you need to move a single item or have a few items to transport.

Ebay & Gumtree Transport

Moving eBay and Gumtree collections is our niche in the transport industry. We specialise in eBay courier removals and Gumtree courier removals.

At pickup, we can inspect the goods for you (at your request) to make sure that what is loaded is what you have purchased, and not a piece of furniture that is falling apart.

Most of the sellers on Gumtree and eBay are honest with what they are selling in order to keep their feedback score at an acceptable level, as this provides a verifiable history for potential customers.

On the rare occasion we come across the not so good sellers who are dishonest and need the goods checked before loading on to the transport truck. This is where we come into a class of our own, looking after you the customer.

Our number one concern and commitment is to our customers who are purchasing sight unseen all over the country, so we will do whatever it takes to protect you from dishonest sellers.

We would strongly recommend you pay for your eBay and Gumtree items via PayPal to enable you to receive the buyer protection included. Paying by bank deposit could end up in dispute, leaving you without any legal rights to your purchase.

We are eBay courier removals and Gumtree courier removals experts. Contact us for all you eBay and Gumtree transport purchase needs.


Interstate Backloading Services

Moving collector’s items or garagenalia interstate requires many years of experience to do it properly. This includes taking every precaution in the packaging and loading process. Furniture or other items loaded are probably going to be travelling thousands of kilometres on roads that aren’t always smooth.

We have had many customers tell us stories of moves with other backloading services that have gone horribly wrong, destroying a large percentage of their precious goods because these operators didn’t go the extra mile when packaging and loading. This is a crucial part of the process to ensure that a single item backload or a small move backload is a success.

Find company reviews and forum feedback online and do your homework or be burnt severely.

At Backloading Specialists, we do everything possible to ensure that your goods travel safely while they are in our care.

You should be 100% satisfied with our service and professionalism because there are no excuses for an unhappy customer.


Petrol Bowsers & Enamel Signs Transport

Doug’s Freight provides a lot of garagenalia type transport, including petrol bowser and enamel sign transport. To transport petrol bowsers safely, for both the worker and the petrol bowser, a specially made trolley needs to be used. When loaded onto the truck, we use a two-tonne tailgate lifter to lift the petrol bowser up to truck loading level. Then it is wrapped in quality furniture pads before being fastened into the truck ready for transit.

Enamel signs might seem easy to move but a slight bow in the wrong direction and the old enamel can just pop off and that will be the end of the sign and your money!

Doug’s Freight wraps all signs in quality furniture pads then they are gently place on a flat mezzanine floor so that they can’t bend or twist, especially if it is an embossed sign.

Choose carefully when selecting petrol bowser and enamel sign transport. Many collectors have been disappointed with transporters who don’t have a good understanding of this type of transport.


Choose your transporter carefully!



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